741 Engine

729 PLN
741 Engine

64 circuit variations in a single two-knob pedal!
How it's possible?
741 Engine is based on classic op amp distortion circuits like DOD 250 / MXR Distortion +, but thanks to 6 dip switches hidden inside it offer much more than you think!
Thanks to switches connected to the most crucial parts of the circuit, we can completely change the behavior of this pedal.
Loud clean boost, mid-pushing distortion, fat gritty distortion, or even fuzz. All of that for the price of one pedal!

Knobs: Gain, Volume.
Dip switches:
1,2 - switch them up for bass boost and more distorted bottom end, turn 1 up for gentle boost, 2 for more bottom end, and both for maximum boost.
3 - turn up to change the voltages and biasing inside the circuit, which introduces a more fuzzy sound and asymmetrical clipping.
4 - down for silicon clipping diodes, up for LED clipping ( purple/red).
5 - cut highs after clipping.
6 - cut highs at the op-amp stage, before diode clipping.

Each configuration offers a completely different tone and gives you the possibility to find your own unique distortion/fuzz style.
It's hard to tell exactly what each switch will do to the final tone because they interact with each other, but the fact is - there are no wrong or broken-like tones. Every single setup is usable and sounds awesome.

Entirely handcrafted in my small workshop. I pay attention to every single detail to be sure you will get top-quality and reliable devices. Clean design, metal enclosure with unique laser engraved graphics covered with beautiful glitter clear powder paint.