About Me

Hello! My name is Adrian and I'm happy to introduce You to my handmade effects devices. 
Keeping you inspired and boosting your creativity it's my mission.

As a musician, I know that having interesting tools and instruments helps us to express ourselves better. 
That's why I started building pedals back in late 2013 - I was out of budget to buy pedals so I learned how to build them.

Years after learning and building a lot of working and not working stuff I decided to show my devices on the internet. Shortly after I received enough interest to start a real business and choose it as a way of living.

Almost a decade of experience has helped me to deliver you high-quality, reliable, and durable devices. 
I always keep an eye on every detail to make sure the device you're holding in your hand has been created by a passionate who cares about your satisfaction.

All the time I'm trying to think outside the box and build unusual pedals for people who like to experiment and want to improve their tone with something special.

I'm very happy my pedals are already all around the world supporting the tone of many cool musicians... USA, Japan, Australia, the UK, all over Europe, and many other small countries ( to be honest sometimes I needed to check where it is on the map). Sometimes I think that I will never be able to visit all that beautiful places, but I'm happy that part of me it's already there.
It makes me very thankful for everyone who supported my business and made my dream work true.
Thanks for your trust!

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